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改訂版 新完全マスター単語 日本語能力試験 N3重要1800語

Kaiteiban Shin Kanzen Masuta TangoNihongo Noryoku Shiken N3 Juyo 1800 Go


This self-study word book to cultivate the vocabulary you need to pass the Japanese Language Proficiency Test N3 has been revised.

In this revised edition, a Chinese translation, which has been requested for a long time, has been added, and now an audio app, which is popular with the N1 and N2 versions of the book, has been added. With consideration being given to the ease of memorizing the 1,800 words necessary for the first half of the intermediate level, the vocabulary is presented by grammatical function and also in categories (Transportation, Health, Human Relations, etc.). After roughly every 200 words, there is a reading passage allowing the learner to confirm how well he/she has grasped the words studied as well as how the words are actually used in sentences.

The translation of the words, examples sentences and reading passages comes with a red plastic cover sheet for testing/review purposes.
The translation is in English, Chinese, and Vietnamese
Audio: A free app is available to allow the learner to hear the headwords and reading material being spoken.



New Complete Master Series - JLPT N3 1800 Words Book - Revised Edition

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