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JLPT聴解N5 ポイント&プラクティス

JLPT Chokai N5Pointo & Purakutisu


The JLPT: Points and Practice series is a collection of questions and pointers to help you acquire the minimum skills required to pass the JLPT exam in a short period of time. In this book you will study N5-level listening comprehension questions.

In the Question Part (12 sections) you will learn the flow of solving each type of question, points to be aware of when listening, and then finally solve questions in the actual exam format. All questions come with explanations in English, Chinese, and Vietnamese, so the book is ideal for self-study. Also, in the List Part (covering 20 items), you can check and confirm such important items as question words, expressions related to requests, expressions related to listening, etc., which will aid you in the exam.

The audio content can be listened to on our website (the book does not come with a CD).

The book includes one mock test.

Target users: Those aiming to take the N5-level JLPT.
Level: Lower beginner
Structure: Main book: 12-section Question Part, Mock Text, and 20-item List Part
Separate booklet: Script, answers and explanations
Orthography: Kanji with kana readings
Translation: English, Chinese and Vietnamese

JLPT N5 Listening Comprehension, Points & Practice (Ninja)

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