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JLPT読解N3 ポイント&プラクティス

This book consists of two parts, "Reading Points" and "Various Types of Sentences," plus a mock test. As it comes with extensive commentaries, it is ideal for self-study, and you can learn efficiently in a short period of time.

The JLPT: Points and Practice series is a collection of questions and pointers to help you acquire the minimum skills required to pass the JLPT exam in a short period of time. In this book you will study N3-level reading comprehension questions.

The 12 chapters in the book are organized by items ("demonstratives", "abbreviations", etc.) and types of reading material ("mail", "opinion sentences", etc.) that should be noted when reading sentences. You will learn how to derive the correct answers while solving actual exam-style questions.

Each question comes with a translation and a commentary that not only gives reasons for the correct answer, but also explains why people make mistakes and give the wrong answer. The "Answer Points" section illustrates in the text where you can confirm the reason for the correct answer, and as there is a summary of medium and long reading passages, even people who are studying by themselves can grasp the points firmly.

Comes with one complete mock test.

Target: Those wishing to take the N3 JLPT
Level: Upper beginner to intermediate
Structure: Main Text: Question Part (12 chapters) and Mock Test
Separate volume: Answers and explanations
Orthography: Kanji with kana readings
Translations: English, Chinese and Vietnamese




JLPT N3 Reading Comprehension Points & Practice (dokkai) (Ninja)

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