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JLPT文法N3 ポイント&プラクティス

The JLPT: Points and Practice series is a collection of questions and pointers to help you acquire the minimum skills required to pass the JLPT exam in a short period of time. In this book you will study N3-level grammar questions. You will study 150 grammatical items in 30 sections.

The book is divided into two parts: “Question Part” and “List Part.” In the “Question Part,” you will learn how to solve questions according to the exam format and check if you understand them. There is also practice in reading conversational sentences and reading material of about 150 to 250 characters in length, all of which contains the items you have just studied. This will enable you to check how to use them in various situations.

The material in the List Part corresponds to the presentation of material in the Question Part, and provides the minimum number of grammatical meanings, grammatical connections, and example sentences that you should know and be aware of to pass the exam.

This book is easy to use even for learners who only have limited time to study.

Target users: Those wishing to pass the N3 level of the JLPT
Level: Upper beginner to intermediate
Main book: Question Part: 30 sections and mock test; List Part: 30 sections
Separate volume: Answers and explanations
Inscription: Kanji with kana readings
Translations: English, Chinese and Vietnamese (List Part and separate volume)



JLPT N3 Grammar Points & Practice

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