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外国人生徒のための教科につなげる日本語 応用編

Japonés para estudiantes (niños y adolescentes) de secundaria     Edición JAPONÉS RELACIONADO CON LAS MATERIAS (Edición de apliacación práctica)

Gaikokujin Seito no Tame noKyoka ni Tsunageru Nihongo Oyohen Subject-related Japanese for Foreign StudentsApplication Edition


Autor: 有本昌代
Tamaño: B5
Páginas: 234
Fecha de publicación: 8 de mayo de 2023
Editorial: スリーエーネットワーク
ISBN: 488319918
ISBN 13: 9784883199181


This is a Japanese language teaching material for students with roots in foreign countries.

This is the second book in a series of three books (“Basics”, “Application”, and “Development”).

The aim of this book is that while the student is studying Japanese vocabulary and expressions, he/she learns, in an integrated manner, the basic vocabulary and knowledge related to a specific school subject and develops his/her thinking ability and ability to talk on the subject.

Compared to the “Basic Edition”, this edition contains more expressions related to reading comprehension and presentations, and the topics are more closely related to the subject of study.

At the end of each topic, there are activities for the student to actively explore what he/she has learned, such as doing research, making presentations, debates, questionnaires, writing haiku, and writing mini biographies.

Target: Junior high school students closely connected with foreign countries (born and/or raised there) receiving Japanese language study support (students who can read and write hiragana and katakana and simple kanji)
Level: Intermediate
Composition: 12 topics
Orthography: Kanji with kana readings








※補助教材のうち「言葉カード」「指導の目安」「評価表」につきましては制作後、順次公開予定です。(2023年5月8日現在 未掲載)


表記:漢字かな混じり 一部ルビつき

Gaikokujin Seito no Tame no Kyoka ni Tsunageru Nihongo Oyohen

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