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外国人生徒のための教科につなげる日本語 基礎編

Japonés para estudiantes (niños y adolescente) de secundaria     Edición JAPONÉS RELACIONADO CON LAS MATERIAS (Básico)


Autor: 有本昌代
Tamaño: B5
Páginas: 268
Fecha de publicación 2019年11月25日
Editorial: スリーエーネットワーク
ISBN: 488319804
ISBN 13: 9784883198047



This is a Japanese language teaching material for students with roots in foreign countries.

The purpose of this book is for students to develop their ability to think and express themselves in Japanese while learning the vocabulary and knowledge that is needed for specific school subjects.

Students learn kanji, vocabulary and grammar on topics related to the subject content while solving content comprehension problems.

Finally, as a summary, through doing such activities as research, presentations, and making videos, the students will develop their communication and presentation skills using the knowledge they have learnt.

As supplementary teaching materials, audio content, picture cards, word cards, teaching guidance, evaluation tables and sample topics are available. Please be sure to use them.

Target: Junior high school students closely connected with foreign countries (born and/or raised there) receiving Japanese language study support (students who can read and write hiragana and katakana and simple kanji)
Level: Beginner
Composition: 12 topics
Orthography: Kanji with kana readings

Gaikokujin Seito no Tame no Kyoka ni Tsunageru Nihongo Kisohen

SKU: 9784883198047
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