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中学生のにほんご 社会生活編 外国につながりのある生徒のための日本語

Japonés para estudiantes (niños y adolescentes) de secundaria     Edición VIVIR EN LA SOCIEDAD (Básico) STEP 2


Editores: 庵功雄 監修
Autores: 志賀玲子 渋谷実希 武一美 永田晶子 樋口万喜子 宮部真由美 頼田敦子
Tamaño: B5
Páginas: 154 más encarte de 60
Fecha de publicación: 10 de octubre de 2019
Editorial: スリーエーネットワーク
ISBN: 488319799
ISBN 13: 9784883197996


This is the second book in a series of Japanese language texts for junior high school students connected with foreign countries receiving Japanese language study support at their junior high schools.

This series has been created with the goal of the student being able to attend classes in each school subject in a short period of time. In addition, with the aim of cultivating the ability of students to think on their own and to be able to proactively tackle learning, serious consideration has been given to the students being able to think and understand things for themselves.

This book aims to serve as a bridge between the student and school subject learning, so that the student has the Japanese necessary to study high-school subjects.

The Life in School volume covers themes related to school life, such as tests, club activities, and cultural festivals, while the Life in Society volume covers such subjects as pop culture, proverbs, and earthquakes, so that students can focus on Japanese culture and society. The reading material covers such themes as environmental issues, and is structured to make the learner think about his/her own thoughts and opinions.

The book comes with many diagrams and illustrations to help with the students’ comprehension, and these can be used by the teacher or language support assistant to provide enjoyable classes.

Target users: Junior high school students closely connected with foreign countries (born and/or raised there) receiving Japanese language study support (students who have studied at the beginner level)
Level: Lower intermediate to intermediate
Composition: 16 lessons
Orthography: Kanji with kana readings
Translation: Comes with English, Chinese and Spanish vocabulary lists





Chugakusei no Nihongo Shakai Seikatsu-hen - Gaikoku ni Tsunagari no Aru Seito no

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