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A Dictionary of Basic Japanese Grammar conveniently summarizes introductory grammar knowledge into dictionary format. Student acquires a knowledge of basic grammar in more than provided by textbook descriptions, learning the difference between similar grammatical representations, and a review of basic grammar.

This ever-popular series of dictionary-style grammar guides comprises three volumes—basic, intermediate, and advanced—with each presenting some 200 key grammar items, along with analysis of sentence patterns, abundant example sentences, and easy-to-understand explanations in English. The books also thoroughly explains common pitfalls and the distinctions in usage of similar expressions, helping users to develop an even stronger grasp of Japanese grammar. A must-have reference for learners and teachers alike.

Nº de páginas: 648 págs.
Encuadernación: Tapa blanda
Editorial: The Japan Times
Idioma: Japonés, Inglés
ISBN: 9784789004541

Medidas: 12.9 cm ancho, 18.2 cm largo, 3.2 cm grosor.
Peso: 640 gr.

A Dictionary of Basic Japanese Grammar

SKU: 9784789004541
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